High Culture vs. High Pressure

HPCompanies have two options on how to operate a metrics based advocacy team.

One.  Be a company who uses metrics as a pressure meter and “drive them hard” by paying exceptional attention to every aspect of what makes a successful advocate of your product.

Two.  Be a company who embraces a culture and reaps the results of opening up an environment that instills a belief in what they are advocating.

My belief is you will always have greater long term success if you instill high culture into your company over high pressure.


High culture opens the door for collaboration of team members.  High pressure creates a competition where collaboration tends to take a back seat as the top performers become less willing to give up their edge in the metrics.  In other words, High Culture=Team Metrics.  High Pressure=Individual Metrics.

High culture gets you honest feedback as a leader.  High pressure gets you only what you want to hear.  High pressure puts people in a place where they will say only what they need to keep their jobs.

High culture allows for a diverse group of personalities.  High pressure limits the type of personality that can handle the position.  This lends back to the collaboration aspect of business.  Lack of personality=lack of unique collaboration.

High culture hires the top talent.  High pressure hires those who have been turned and burned.

High culture opens up creativity.  High pressure keeps a team narrowly focused on single metrics and stifles creativity.

High culture advances education of team.  High pressure has no time for additional education.  I am not referring to college per say here but someone educating themselves on what they do in order to grow and be more successful.  Trade conferences, journals, writing etc.

Your turn.  What type of environment do you work in or have worked in?  What do you favor and why?


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