Words- The Most Powerful Tool in Advertising

Two ads are standing out after the Superbowl and being talked about more than any others.

The Dodge Ram Truck ad with the voice of Paul Harvey and the social media masterpiece from Oreo.

The interesting component to both of these ads is that neither one contained models, controversial actions, shock value, or special effects.


Timing was part of the equation though and admittedly, the Oreo ad may go down as the greatest timed ad of all time with its creation and release in the Twitter world happening only moments after the Superbowl power outage.
I could go into a whole piece on how words shape what we do, think and feel but I would rather hear it from you this time.One thing is consistent and true with both of these ads however.  They simply relied only on the power of words to make their mark.

Amazing to think in this insanely digital world, the simplicity of words won the show.


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