Tell Your Story

storyThroughout my career I have asked many leaders “How did you get to where you are?”  I in turn have been asked the same by others.

In business, all leaders have a story, and it is valuable.

The story is about accomplishment, failure, great timing, and clever ideas.  It’s about passion, learning, and making a decision that others may not have been willing to make.

The story isn’t often visible or told however and many times, great people find themselves under serving a profession simply because they do not know what to say, how to say it, and where.

You have a story.  Here are some cool ways to tell it.

1)  Blog.  This site for example is a place for me to express thoughts on industries I have an interest in and some knowledge about.  It doesn’t take that much time but does allow you to open your mind and once you are in the flow, you will surprise yourself with what you know.

2)  LinkedIn.  No, I am not referring to the page you currently have.  Make your LinkedIn page your story.  Link your blog, post articles you find interesting, and use the career section not as an additional web resume but as a place to write the story of your expertise.  Then, make sure it is clean.  Tips for that can be found here.

3) is a great place for a one page snapshop of your story all with places to link where you hide on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media outlets.  Once again, this is not a web based spot for your resume.  Use it as a visual story teller.  Search through the home page of for some great ideas.  If you want to see my attempt at this, you can find me here.

4)  Twitter.  Oh yes….Twitter.  Twitter gives you the medium to share all three of the above consistently and link to other leaders in your industry.  You want to hear their stories right?  Well, here you go.

Your turn.  What do you use to tell your story?


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