There’s No Luggage Rack on a Hearse

IdeaIdeas are something that float around most entrepreneur’s heads.

In fact, piles of them.

To an entrepreneur, an idea is a precious commodity.  A gem that is sometimes loved, looked at, and guarded only to end up in a drawer and never acted on.

Why do we as entrepreneurs sometimes guard these so tight?

Here are my thoughts as to why.

1)  We are afraid to fail.  None of us like to fail and failing with our own idea can even be harder.  If you don’t fail though, you don’t learn.

2)  We are afraid the idea will be stolen.  This is the one I see most often and probably the most valid.  Honestly, it is probably the worst reason to not try your idea and the biggest excuse to tucking that idea in the drawer.

3)  We are too busy with “other” stuff.  It is really easy to get caught up in our comfortable, salary based worlds and not want to take that risk.  A great friend has told me several times, “You never get rich earning a salary.”

4)  We don’t think we are smart enough to launch a company.  Here is a secret….no one was when they launched their first company.  The only way to become “smart” enough is to jump in and go for it.

The great Al Green told my friend Walt this during a recording session once.  “There’s no luggage rack on a hearse.”


So why are we so determined to take our great ideas to the grave with us? 

Your turn, Go!


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