Just One App

twitterOur devices today are meccas of apptastic adventures.

From Twitter to the weather, we can see just about whatever we need, whenever we want it.

With so much to choose and so little time to use it all, I have to wonder if I could only have one app, what app would I want?

Now, after spending an insane amount of time thinking (at least 5 minutes) and pondering what would be complete chaos in the universe, only one app, I have come up with my one.


Some of you may be shocked and in utter dismay that this is my choice but my reasoning is pretty solid.

My most used apps are Twitter, Starbucks, Instagram and Google+.  (Yeah, I am the one G+ guy with high use)

Out of the top four, I can easily use cash or my Starbucks Gold Card in lieu of the app…easy drop.

Instagram I use for following my friends awesome photos and social updates however, in most cases, they post these same updates on Twitter.

Finally, G+ is my backup for information and news feeds and second place is always the first loser…right?

So Twitter it is.  

Now that I will have nightmares even thinking about not having uber-connectivity and 6,532 apps on my phone, I ask this.

What one app would you have if you could have only one?



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