Tablets, Hybrids and Duets Oh My!

PadfoneAnyone in tech knows that CES is going on now and the beauty of that is that all of us geeks about technology get to see what the next wave of technology happens to be.

For me, I look at it with a bit of an educational slant.  What could be a valuable tool for students/teachers or what will students be using that we, in the ed-tech industry need to be versed in?

One of the more intriguing pieces for me is Duets or Hybrids.  The combining of two operating systems into one device like Android and Windows 8 into one device.  This is a game changer (no pun intended) and here is why.

The biggest challenge schools face when picking technology is what device and what platform will work best.

Education is inundated with options from ed-tech providers for site subscriptions and also apps that can be used for a multitude of teaching options.

Until now, educators had to pick which device would cover the most options and leave off the options they calculated had the least educational impact.  What occurred when this happened?  Options were left off that were in high need just not yet realized.

With a Duet model unit, this won’t be the case as you can run in parallel apps and main OS functions.  The biggest of these will be the use of Microsoft Office, however, access to flash based web applications like textbooks online will be huge.  Additionally, most ed-tech providers have native app versions of their products that can be utilized in offline modes creating a bridge.  Bully!  Thats awesome.

Now the question really becomes, how prepared are the educators to handle this?  To date they have struggled keeping up with technology evolution in the classroom and with this innovation it just mighty have hit light speed.

Your thoughts.  Like the Duet idea?  Will you buy it and use it?



2 thoughts on “Tablets, Hybrids and Duets Oh My!

  1. Sorry to tell you that the Dual boot tablets from all manufacturers that I know off have been halted from production. Microsoft and Google are not playing nicely together and apparently don’t want their OS together on the same device.

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