The Hiatus and Education

Many are probably wondering where I have been.  Or maybe not.  You may not have even realized I was gone.  Wow, that hurts my feelings 😦

The reasons I have taken a break are important and I believe taking a hiatus now and then is good.

I took this break to expand my education into a new facet of technology and insure I was fully cooked before dropping off nuggets of knowledge back into the site.

Ed-Tech is more than just what tablet is available or app that can be downloaded.  It is bigger than “Do we allow smart phones in schools or not?” This is especially true when working with Early Education and this is where my professional focus has turned.

Over the past few months and through the beginnings of my deep dive into early education, I have reached out to old friends and contacts to fully begin the honest and challenging conversation of what technology is critically important to our youngest generation of digital natives.

I have begun asking the questions:

How does technology impact early education?

What do digital natives understand or not understand?

What do our educators understand and where do they need to be trained in technology?

What do your kids know that you don’t?

Over the next while, I will continue to focus on these questions and many more as there needs to be an understanding of what early education should look like from a technology stand point.  Your input will be valued as long as the conversation is productive.

Away we go!



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