Social Media Is Relevant In Education

There is continuing argument over the relevancy of Social Media in Education.

For the most part, I think the arguments on both sides have some validity although I tend to lean on the side of allowing Social Media in the classroom.

I understand the concern over distractions it can create but at the same time, I believe if you are engaging and using it in the correct manner, you limit the opportunity to be distracting.

The other day, I had an educational leader say to me “Show me an example of a piece of Social Media this is truly useful.”  Challenge accepted from a piece I just found on YouTube and is trending right now.

On the surface it looks like an elaborate selfie.  In depth, it is a piece that could be used for countless lessons in the classroom and is engaging at the same time.

Identifying geographic location and historical significance.  Culture.  Climate.  Landscape and geographical formations.  Religion.  All from this video.

As you watch, think about this.  What lessons could you teach students with this?  What relevance do you think it has in the classroom?  How about your own kids at home if you are not a teacher?  



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