About Me

About me and this site….hmmm….where to start.

I am all about Technology and especially using it in education.

This site, in particular, is my venue to explore new technologies, trends and ideas as well as share in meaningful and thought-provoking discussions about these technologies.

If I irritate you or you disagree with me at some point, Fantastic.  Completely my intention as I am a firm believer that if everyone loves you, you probably aren’t changing a thing!  Get mad, comment and lets change something together.


Who am I you ask? 

Simple.  I’m a tech dork who works closely with technology, software and education.  I have seen it, heard it and tried it over the years so I guess that makes me an expert or at least it does in my own mind.  (It is a vast hole I have to tell ya)

Outside of technology I am the Father of the Smartest Kid in the world, the Husband of the most understanding Wife in the world, and friend to a group of people who I truly think are the sane people in the world.  As I see it, crazy lives somewhere else….not in my family (yeah, I know….it probably means we are the crazy ones).

That’s me.

I invite you to explore the site, comment regularly and if you have a GREAT idea, share it.  I am always looking for contributors.

Oh, yeah…..tell some friends about it too!


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